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Showing posts from February, 2017

Art Addition to Masterpiece

It's the Statue of Ryan!

Repetition Used In A Creative Way- Pineapple!

Can you guess how many pineapples are in this image?  Well, there is exactly 130 of them! 
Can you find the upside-down pineapple? It isn't hiding behind the pineapple!

Look who is at my school!

They are all here!

Disproportionate Photo

For this project I got a picture of a ant and a city and I put them together to show a ant destroying a city!!!!!

World Travler Picture

I'm on the trail next to the Golden Gate Bridge!

Hybrid Animal

Ahh! Its a Unicorn-Duck-Frog-Cow-Deer-Fox-Giraffe in the water!! Run!