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Dolphin Scale Tip Drawing

For this assignment, i found a dolphin on the internet. I then drew that picture on a piece of paper with a Felt Tip Pen. I scanned the picture on to my flash drive, and put the flash drive in my computer. Then, i put the dolphin into photoshop and colored it in with the paint bucket. Lastly, I added some clouds to the picture.

Cat Comic!

For the project "9 panel Comic",  I used different object and backgrounds to make this Cat Comic!

Colored Cartoon

The Colored Cartoon Assignment has many different colors in it. There are three cats, a Mom, Dad, and kid. I also used different colored windows to fill in the houses and car. I put some clouds in my cartoon as well. *

Bird Coloring Page

For the "Bird Coloring Page" Project, 3 types feathers are used to fill the bird with color! I also used a black and blue background.

Kaleidoscope Assignment

In the Kaleidoscope Assignment, I used different colors and a background to make it very colorful!

Where is Ryan?

Where is Ryan?! Look around and you will see a lot of different photos. But one photo has a picture of me, Waldo! Can you find me?

Albretcht Durer Assignment

For the Albrecht Durer Assignment, I used different tools to make the armadillo black and white!

Gorey's Alphabet

For the project "Edward Gorey's Alphabet", I used lots of different pictures and backgrounds to make Ryan watch the lion!