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Showing posts from September, 2016

Celebrity Coloring Book Page- The Rock!

In the project "Celebrity Coloring Book Page", I used black ink in 2 and 3 sized pixels. I used 2 sized pixels for the tattoos, and 3 sizes pixels for everything else. The celebrity I used to create this project is "The Rock" (Dwayne Johnson)!

Cartoon Yourself!

In the project "Cartoon Yourself", I traced a lot of my body and put some colors to make it look like the original, but in a cartoon!

Cartoon Masterpiece

For this project I used a lot of different colors. I used cartoon characters from spongebob squarepants, chicken little, finding nemo, and more!

The Scream Project

For The Scream Project I used a lot of different tools and colors to create this masterpiece!

Mona Lisa Project

Mona Lisa by Ryan Boucher I made my Mona Lisa project by adding some colors like red and yellow. I also added a background from a past vacation I went to. I also put a brown table so she has a place to rest her hands.