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Color Focus on Black and White Photo

I made my friends amazing fruit focused in color while the rest of the background is black and white!

Self with Former Self

Repetition Portrait

Dispersion Effect/Shattered Picture

I got a picture of Philip rivers and added the Dispersion effect on him.

Zombify Yourself

Me as a Zombie?

Celebrity Photobomb!

I put Will Ferrell in a picture with my mom and dad!

Contour/Collage Portrait

I am surrounded by animals and food (mostly fruit)!

Photoshop Makeover

I look very weird

Cartoon Head on Regular Body

I made a really weird face and put it on me! Then I put a cartoon background on it.

Font Struct

Cartoon Hybrid

I made a hybrid cartoon of Spongebob's friends!

Colorized Drawing

This is my Colorized Drawing

Art Show pieces

1. Post-Impressionist Portrait

2. Disproportionate Photo

3. Panoramic Image

4. Warhol-esque

5. Repetion Used In A Creative Way

Animated .gif File

Panoramic Image


Magazine Cover

Ryan Bieber!